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Our experienced stylist at Lovely Lucy Hair and Make-Up Artistry in Carlsbad has been helping the people of Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista find the perfect look for more than 13 years. Schedule a consultation with us today to update your look.


Whether you want to remove the gray or make a dramatic change, we are ready to update your look to your specifications.

Exceptional hair coloring has to account for everything, from your specific type of hair and how much gray to whether your need for hypo-allergenic coloring. Our professional stylist will take the time to give you the best-looking hair in town. Each time you visit our hair colorist, you will receive personal and individualized attention.


Highlights are the perfect way make a subtle color change. Our colorist helps you explore color options that may achieve the gorgeous results that you desire. Then, she carefully and expertly gives your hair the highlights you need to look amazing.

Beautiful results require the skilled hand of an experienced stylist. You are always in great hands when you visit our salon. With the friendly service that you receive from our colorist, you will have an amazing time with us. More than that, you will love how you look when you leave.


Do you have long hair that you want to transition into a pixie haircut? Do you just need someone who does kid’s haircuts as well as women’s haircuts and men’s haircuts?

We are experts in both long and short hairstyles. From long layers to bobs, pixie cuts and more, we give you and your family the exact looks you all want. Call ahead to book a haircut with our stylist, and then relax in our salon’s friendly environment. From when you walk in to when you walk out, you’ll love the entire experience at our hair salon.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

We can combine a deep conditioning treatment with a trim as desired. Dry, damaged hair is unfortunately common. When your hair is brittle or damaged, its poor health can contribute to styling issues. The deep conditioning process infuses your hair with much-needed moisture, improving the texture, sheen, and health of your hair. These treatments are also recommended after coloring or highlighting your hair.

Wedding Hair & Makeup Service

There are some days when you simply have to look amazing, and your wedding day is one of them. We are honored to be a part of your special day with professional-grade wedding hair and makeup service. We can focus our full attention on the bride or provide group services for the entire bridal party. With groups of four or more, we can travel to locations in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista for hair and makeup service for a nominal travel fee. 


We are skilled with updos, long layers, and all elegant and professional styles. You can have us combine hairstyling with airbrush cosmetics, lashes, and more to help you look radiant on your special day. If you aren’t sure what style of hair or makeup you want, you can always schedule a free consultation and make a plan with our stylists.

Airbrush Makeup

Do you want to look flawless for your wedding, prom, or any special event? Airbrush makeup applied by our specialist is the perfect solution for big events. Our skill at the artistic application of airbrush cosmetics is second to none.


Special events like weddings and prom are unique because you have to look amazing for long hours, and you may not have the opportunity to touch up your makeup in the middle of the event. Photography and videography are also common at these events.


Airbrush cosmetics remain in place for hours with no touch-ups required, keeping your natural beauty enhanced throughout the day.

Corrective Color Treatments

Self-coloring hair products claim to give you an easy way to reduce gray hairs or try a new hair color, but they do not always deliver expected results. If DIY products made your hair look splotchy or mismatched with your natural skin tone, visit us for a corrective color treatment. We know how to erase even the most serious at-home coloring issues. 

In some cases, we can add highlights to even out the color. In other cases, we will strip the color out of the hair using a bleaching process. We then apply your preferred color to your hair. We take cases that seem hopeless after self-coloring accidents and make that hair stunning once again.

Brazilian Blowout

If your hair is frizzy and unruly, a Brazilian blowout from our is the perfect way to keep your hair straight and smooth for a long time. They also improve the sheen and the drying time of any treated hair, with results lasting up to five months. 

A Brazilian blowout is often confused with a keratin treatment, but these are actually two different treatments that work in different ways to produce similar results. When you ask us about a blowout, we identify your hair concerns and goals to make sure you get the treatment you really need. With the right approach, you will look and feel amazing when you leave our salon. 

Keratin Treatment

Are you wondering if a keratin treatment is right solution for your frizzy hair? Keratin has smoothing and protective properties that can alter the look of your hair substantially. Once the protective protein layer is applied, each strand will be smooth and shiny.

Keratin and blowout treatments are similar in some ways, but one treatment is usually preferable depending on the type of hair and specific expectations you have.

We will gladly walk you through our Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment options.


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