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Corrective Color Treatments Solve Hair Mishaps in Carlsbad

Self-coloring hair products claim to give you an easy way to reduce gray hairs or try a new hair color, but they do not always deliver expected results. If DIY products made your hair look splotchy or mismatched with your natural skin tone, visit Lovely Lucy Hair and Make-Up Artistry for a corrective color treatment. With more than 13 years of experience coloring hair in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista, we know how to erase even the most serious at-home coloring issues. 

In some cases, we can add highlights to even out the color. In other cases, we will strip the color out of the hair using a bleaching process. We then apply your preferred color to your hair. We take cases that seem hopeless after self-coloring accidents and make that hair stunning once again. 

Hair Color Correction in Oceanside Eliminates Do-It-Yourself Issues

You had high hopes for the end result of your self-coloring project and did not love the new look after all. Whether your hair looks slightly brassy or the shade is completely wrong, Lovely Lucy Hair and Make-Up Artistry has the hair color correction you need.

Each self-coloring mishap is unique, so we always assess the situation before determining the corrective steps that we should take. Everything from your hair type and current color issues to the desired result must be considered.

We work to make the color correction as effective and efficient as possible, so you can avoid any more frustration and start enjoying your hair.

Hair color correction by Lovely Lucy Hair and Make-Up Artistry fixes any coloring challenge you face. If you are unhappy with the color of your hair, call and schedule a corrective color treatment with us today.

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